Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What Makes a Huge Buck? Ask Chandler

I received the following email from a great cousin of mine. It's so hilarious, I have to share it with you. Caution adult language but good enough for an observant 7 year old.


… we hunted both Saturday and yesterday morning with my grandson Chandler along. He’s 7 and hard to keep him quiet. Does a pretty good job in the mornings but is a nightmare in the evenings. ;-)

Yesterday morning after coming out of the blind, we get up to the truck and Chandler says he wants to go road hunting. I said we'll make a little circle on the way back to the house just to see if we can spot anything. We looped back around toward Taylor Ford (just a mile or so west of Dave’s but you've got to loop around to get there).

Going down a hill (these are very lightly traveled gravel "almost-roads") I spotted a doe on the passenger side standing in some brush about 25 yards off the road. As I eased to a stop I told Chandler "There's a deer standing there, it's a doe" and sort of pointed at the doe. Chandler said, "No, it's a buck" and I again said it was a doe. "No, it's a buck!" and I realized he must be seeing a different deer. Looking behind the doe, I saw what Chandler saw.

OH MY!! BIG beautiful 8 point that would go at least 140-150 B&C - perfect rack! Chandler said, "SHOOT IT". To which I said NO!, we are just going to watch him.

That big ol' smart buck, instead of doing what he would normally do (which would be to take about 2 steps into that brush and disappear) wasn't about to abandon the sweet little doe he was following. And she just wasn't too bright.

She tried to head to the road just ahead of us so I eased down to where they were - a process repeated three times as we traveled farther down the hill. Total distance traveled was probably no more than 50 or 60 yards but she wanted across that road!! And he wouldn't leave her.

After her third try, she stuck it in a faster gear and headed for the corner at the bottom of the hill with him close behind. They each touched the road once immediately in front of us on that corner - and what a view he presented at that point!

We were later discussing just how big that buck we had seen might have been and Chandler pops up with, "Did you see how BIG that buck's balls were?" My reaction was an AAAAaaaawwww! in disbelief. He said, "I'm not kiddin'! That buck's balls were huge!"

Have to admit it never occurred to me to even look at that part of the buck's anatomy so I can't say for sure whether Chandler was right or wrong. But his observation cracked me up. I had him repeat it to grandma.


Whitetail Trophies of Missouri


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That was funny.


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