Monday, November 06, 2006

Jim Stafford Show

I recently attended the Jim Stafford Show in Branson, Missouri. As the audience is being seated, everyone is given a card in which to write down your funny experiences or little jokes or anecdotes. After intermission, Jim reads a selected few on stage. Well... we all know how frustrating the latest political candidates have been with their negative advertising lately. I had a chance to take a jab back at them with the following, which by the way, Jim read on stage after admitting he loved it.

A cannibal walking through the jungle one day came upon a Cannibal Cafe. He sat down to read the menu:

Steamed Salesman $5.00
Fried Preacher $10.00
Baked Politician $100.00

The cannibal inquired of the cannibal waiter about the price
difference of the Politician and the others. He replied, "Have
you ever tried to clean a politician"?

The story received a huge applause. It about scared me.

Whitetail Trophies of Missouri


Blogger JB said...

I've been getting numerous calls from the politicians and it is always a recording........until was actually a live person and it was just as much fun hanging up on him as it was hanging up on the recording.


Monday, November 06, 2006 11:30:00 PM  

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