Sunday, March 30, 2008

Featured Whitetail - Boothe Buck

Dale Boothe Buck - 2006

Dade County, Missouri
Modern Rifle - Perfect

Official BTR 101 4/8
Composite 118 6/8
IRR 0.0%

NOTE: Not eligible for BTR entry.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Your Whitetail Buck Featured HERE!

HEY! If you have a deer and would like to show off it's rack. Just send me a photo and the particulars about the rack. Preferably the Official BTR Score, Composite, the amount of irregular antler, the type of weapon used, and location of the harvest.


Featured Whitetail - Glass Buck

Cassie Glass Buck - 2007

Columbia County, Arkansas
Modern Rifle - Typical

BTR Official 148 0/8
Composite 167 5/8
IRR 2.7%

Featured Whitetail - Walton Buck

Roy Walton Buck - 2007

Morehouse Parrish, Louisiana
Modern Rifle - Typical

BTR Official 144 2/8
Composite 161 0/8
IRR 3.7%

Featured Whitetail - Owens Buck

Brandin Owens Buck - 2007

Caldwell Parrish, Louisiana
Modern Rifle - Perfect

BTR Official 143 0/8
Composite 163 4/8
IRR 0.7%

Featured Whitetail - Richardson Buck

Beryl Richardson Buck - 2007

Washington County, Mississippi
Modern Rifle - Typical

BTR Official 142 6/8
Composite 161 6/8
IRR 3.8%

Featured Whitetail - York Buck

A. B. York Buck - 2007

East Carrol Parrish, Louisiana
Compound Bow - Semi Irregular

BTR Official 145 6/8
Composite 165 1/8
IRR 5.9%

Featured Whitetail - Thomas Buck

Colton Thomas Buck - 2007

Washington County, Mississippi
Modern Rifle - Typical

BTR Official 147 3/8
Composite 162 7/8
IRR 3.0%

Featured Whitetail - Smith Buck

Brad Smith Buck - 2007

Chicot County, Arkansas
Modern Rifle - Typical

BTR Official 144 3/8
Composite 163 1/8
IRR 2.8%

Featured Whitetail - Thompson Buck

Danny Thompson - 2007

Clairborn County, Mississippi
Modern Rifle - Typical

BTR Official 146 6/8
Composite 169 5/8
IRR 0.0%

Monday, March 24, 2008

I Appreciate Your Support

I'm now a candidate for the Willard (Missouri) School District, Board of Education. If you live in the district, I would very much appreciate your support on April 8, 2008. If you would like to have a small 12 x 18 inch campaign sign for your lawn, let me know and I'll supply you with one or two. Thanks to all of you that have called, emailed and sent letters of support already. I'm truly grateful.


Simmons Sporting Goods, Bastrop, Louisiana

My apologizes to everyone for not updating you all sooner. The Louisiana trip was very good. I will be posting some of the deer that we measured very soon. I would've done it sooner but once I got home, I spent a few days in the hospital, third time since December with as many angiograms. Right now, I'm doing better and sorting through a lot of paper work and dealing with many important issues at my work place. Anyway, check back soon.