Sunday, August 12, 2007

FUR, FIN, and FOWL Festival at Pekin, IL

MVP Outdoors is hosting their first annual outdoor show at the Dragon Dome, Pekin, Illinois on August 25 and 26, 2007. The BTR will be there measuring deer at this event. Hope to see you there.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

2007 Golden Laurel Co-Winner

Johnny King Buck - 2006
Buckmasters 2007 Golden Laurel Co-Winner

Modern Rifle
Grant County, Wisconsin

Official BTR 198 2/8

Featured Whitetail - Pierce Buck

Preston Pierce Buck - 2006

Compound Bow - Typical
Guilford County, North Carolina

Official BTR 119 1/8
Composite 136 3/8
IRR 0.0%

Featured Whitetail - Smith Buck

Jerry Smith Buck - 2003

Right Shed Antler - Semi Irregular
Wallfingers, Kansas

Official BTR 76 2/8
Composite 76 2/8
IRR 6.7%

Featured Whitetail - Gann Buck

Willie Gann Buck - 2006

Guilford County, North Carolina
Modern Rife - Irregular

Official BTR 164 3/8
Composite 182 7/8
IRR 21.5%

Featured Whitetail - Smith Buck

Jerry Smith Buck - 2006

Left Shed Antler - Perfect
Nations County, Kansas

Official BTR 80 4/8
Composite 80 4/8
IRR 0.0%

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Featured Whitetail - Setzer Buck

Gary Roger Setzer Buck - 2005

Blackpowder - Perfect
Granville County, North Carolina

Official BTR 150 3/8
Composite 170 5/8
IRR 0.0%

2007 Golden Laurel Co-Winner

Here, I managed to take a little time out to meet with Deb Luzinski, the Buckmasters 2007 Golden Laurel Co-Winner.

Personal Antler Numbers

Just out of curiosity, I tallied the amount of antler I measured during the Buckmasters Expo. Of the 33 bucks I personally measured, 14 made the record books.

The total was 4046 0/8 inches of actual antler with a total composite measured 4432 1/8. That's an average of about 122 inches per rack with an average composite of 134 inches.

I have no idea what others averaged but I would guess they're in the same ball park.

2007 BTR Scoring Team

The Buckmasters Expo was held in Greensboro, North Carolina again this year. We measured roughly 250 whitetail deer antlers in the three day event. About 65 made the BTR Record Book. It was a phenomenal scoring event. We now have proof that North Carolina DOES HAVE some mighty fine deer in their state. Of course, some of the racks brought in came from all over the mid-west and eastern states.
We present to you the 2007 BTR Scoring Dream Team: Russell Thornberry, Alabama; Larry Teague, Alabama; Ed Waite, Ohio; Deb Luzinski (2007 Co-Winner of the Golden Laurel Citation), Minnesota; Bill Leon, Florida; Johnny King (2007 Co-Winner of the Golden Laurel Citation), Wisconsin; Steve Lucas, Alabama; Wayne Cox, North Carolina; Jack McConnell, Missouri; and Mike Handley, Alabama.

Featured Whitetail - Perry Buck

Joe Perry Buck - 2006
Blackpowder - Irregular
Sioux County, Nebraska
Official BTR 192 6/8
Composite 211 0/8
IRR 22.7%
Photo By: Ed Waite