Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Want to Show Off Your Deer?

HEY! If you have a deer and would like to show off it's rack. Just send me a photo and the particulars about the rack. Preferably the Official BTR Score, Composite, the amount of irregular antler, the type of weapon used, and location of the harvest.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Featured Whitetail - Luzinski Buck

Deb Luzinski Buck 2006
Buckmasters 2007 Co-Winner
Golden Laurel Citation Award

Compound Bow - Irregular
Ramsey County, Minnesota

Official BTR 209 1/8
Composite 229 6/8
IRR 23.1%

Featured Whitetail - Brandt Buck

Preston Brandt Buck 2006

Moniteau County, Missouri
Modern Rifle - Typical

Official BTR 188 6/8
Composite 207 1/8
IRR 4.3%

NOTE: The Brandt buck is currently the new state record whitetail in Missouri in the "Typical" category under the "Modern Rifle" classification. His buck replaces the Merrill Hall buck which was harvested in 1997. It's Official BTR score was 187 4/8.

Featured Whitetail - Ambrose Buck

Ashley Ambrose Buck 2006

Lafayette County, Missouri
Modern Rifle - Semi Irregular

Official BTR 188 2/8
Composite 208 6/8
IRR 7.5%

NOTE: The Ashley Ambrose buck is currently ranked number 2 in the state of Missouri in the "Semi-Irregular" category by the "Modern Rifle" classification. She moved the Tim Owen's Adair County buck down one notch. His 2000 buck official BTR is 186 1/8. The Ambrose buck trails the state record buck of Gary Childress by 9 inches.

Featured Whitetail - Hahn Buck

Tod W. Hahn Buck 2005

Fulton County, Illinois
Shotgun - Semi Irregular

Official BTR 169 1/8
Composite 185 0/8
IRR 7.6 %

Featured Whitetail - Ferch Buck

Kenneth A. Ferch Buck 2005

Peoria County, Illinois
Compound - Typical

Official BTR 108 6/8
Composite 125 6/8
IRR 2.9%

Featured Whitetail - Crew Buck

Jeremy Crew Buck - 2006

Peoria County, Illinois
Compound - Perfect

Official BTR 121 1/8
Composite 137 4/8
IRR 0.0%

Featured Whitetail - Rademacker Buck

Kevin Rademacker Buck 2005

Tazewell County, Illinois
Compound - Perfect

Official BTR 112 3/8
Composite 127 0/8
IRR 0.0%

Featured Whitetail - Lee Buck

Darrell A. Lee Buck 2006
Tazewell County, IL

Black Powder - Typical

Official BTR 159 2/8
Composite 182 7/8
IRR 5.1%

Follow up on the FUR, FIN, and FOWL Festival at Pekin, IL

August 25 and 26 has come and gone. Yes, we made it to the outdoor show in Pekin, IL. We were very impressed with the Dragon's Dome and the hospitality shown to us. The attendance numbers were lower than projected but those that managed to come out and look around benefitted from the some great buys from the vendors. The BTR area did really well despite the low attendance. We came loaded for bear. Overall, we had roughly 75 deer come in and most made the BTR record books. I will begin posting some on this website in the very near future. ILLINOIS is a GREAT whitetail state! For those of you that did come to the show. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. JMc.