Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Is There a Judas in Your Life?

"Judas was not a mistake. He was hand picked and selected. His role was crucial to the death and resurrection of Christ. No one helped Christ reach His goal like Judas. If God allowed only kind and good people to come into our lives, they would hinder us from His divine purpose."

"Thank You, Lord for my mysterious friends whose venomous assault led me to lean on You more explicitly than I would have, had they not tried to destroy me!" "This is the prayer of the seasoned heart that has been exercised by the tragedies of life. It has reduced and controlled fatty feeling and emotions that cause us to always seek those whose actions tickle our ears."

"Leave my Judas alone. I need him in my life. He is my mysterious friend, the one who aids me without even knowing it. When you encounter a Judas in your life, remember that it is his actions that carry out the purpose of God in your life! Look back over your life and understand that it is persecution that strengthens you. It is the struggles and the trauma we face that help us persevere."

"Thank God for your families and friends and their support, but remember that it is often your relationship with that mysterious friend of malice and strife, weakness and defective behavior, that becomes the catalyst for greatness in your life! It is much easier to forgive the actions of men when you know the purposes of God."

"Did you know that God, our ultimate Friend, sometimes manipulates the actions of our enemies in order to accomplish His will in our lives? God can bless you through the worst of a relationship! That is why we must learn how to accept even the relationships that seem to be painful or negative. The time, effort, and pain we invest in them is not wasted because God knows how to make adversity feed destiny in your life!"

"As God heals what hurt you have, I want to whisper gently in your ears, 'Betrayal is only sweetened when it is accompanied by survival.' Live on, my friend, live on!"

--Author Unknown


Blogger JB said...

Thank you for sharing this today with us, Jack. It is so true. I have had a Judas in my life recently at work and it DOES make one stronger and more alert to God's calling on our lives. This has inspired me to do better than ever before. Again, THANK YOU for sharing this - God Bless You, Janet

Thursday, May 17, 2007 10:37:00 PM  

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