Saturday, February 03, 2007


Now that I'm fresh out of the hospital, I'll get back down to business as usual... maybe. I'm doing much better now than at first. Still recuperating none the less.

Yes, I spent three nights there trying to get over what I thought was food poisoning or the dreaded Yellow Dog Fever. The six hour visit in the ER itself was like a near death experience. Why these ER docs take so long to admit someone is way beyond me. It's obvious the doctor I had lacked all common sense. But that is a story I will keep to myself for now.

My nurses and nurse aides were exceptional at St. John's. Each did an excellent job and made sure that I was comfortable. One nurse aide I hadn't seen since I graduated high school in 1973! She looked exactly the same but. . . a little. . . heavier. I can't say she didn't think the same about me. I'm sure she did. We had a really nice visit and we caught each other up on life's events from our old stomping grounds.

It was nice to return home and get back into my own bed. Plus, my food tastes better too. More later.



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